In France, Boatage companies are grouped in a trade union, the SPLMNA (Boatage Professional Association of the English Channel, North Sea and Atlantic ports).

Exchanges are permanent and shared experiences for the development of different structures. Approximately 300 boatmen plying their trade across the Atlantic coast to the North Sea.

The mooring is an activity that requires control and precision. The evolution with the launchs from the ship, tugs and dock can be dangerous depending on water and weather conditions encountered.
A maneuvering error could be detrimental to stakeholders as the ship when a hawser had to engage in its propeller
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The representative bodies
Executive Officer : Quentin GUTIERREZ
Mobil. +33 6 07 27 03 32
Mail :
President : Jean-Luc DESMARS
Lamanage Huchet Desmars et Service Maritime et Lamanage de la Loire
Rue du Galion - Zone Portuaire
44480 DONGES
Mobil. : +33 6 07 48 63 69
Tél. : +33 2 40 45 22 61
Vice President : Bruno HUET
SAS lamanage et services maritimes des ports de La Rochelle-Charente
BP 2040 - 17009 LA ROCHELLE cedex
Mobil. +33
Tél. +33
Mail :
Treasurer : Philippe CROS
SCOP des Lamaneurs du Port de Dunkerque
BP 2-122 - Môle 4
Mobil. : +33
Tél. : +33
Mail :
Secretary : Gilles TREANTON
SCOP des Lamaneurs des ports de Brest-Roscoff
Terre-Plein, 5ème bassin Est, Port de Commerce, 29200 Brest
Mobil. +33
Tél. +33
Mail :

European BoatMen's Association member